The Odeliya PROBEAUTY company is a company that knows and loves the hair industry. Odeliya PROBEAUTY and PROADDICTION have collaborated to bring you the best in PROADDICTION product and education.

Odeliya PROBEAUTY is the exclusive distributor and educational provider to PROADDICTION customers in the United States.

Customers that purchase PROADDICTION through the Odeilya PROBEAUTY collaboration will have access to special promotions, fast delivery, and high-level salon product education.

Hairstylists who purchase PROADDICTION are eligible for complimentary product training and certification as well as inclusion in our salon and service locator!

Odeliya PROBEAUTY X PROADDICTION strives to guarantee our product professionals are educated and informed on how to use and provide excellent PROADDICTION service. 

PROADDICTION is a customizable permanent multi protein hair straightening system that provides instant results for hair straightening and smoothing.

PROADDICTION is a balanced formula that empowers the hair professional to achieve perfect straight hair results no matter how coarse the hair is, no matter the condition, and no matter what previous chemical processes the hair has been put through.

The PROADDICTION system has reconstructive capabilities bringing hair

shine back, movement, elasticity, and vitality that it loses with time.

PROADDICTION is formulated with natural proteins that help repair hair. Its unique formula is revolutionizing the hair industry and the professional stylist experience.

Hair professionals and their customers cannot stop talking about PROADDICTION!