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Odeliya Probeauty: Where expertise meets humanity

Odeliya Probeauty, a beacon in the beauty industry, was founded with a clear vision — to elevate the art of hair care. With roots deeply embedded in years of experience, our commitment to innovation and excellence has been unwavering. Focused exclusively on serving cosmetologists across the United States, we curate a premium selection of superior hair care products and state-of-the-art tools. We COLLABORATE with renowned brands like:





Empowering Excellence, Transforming Beauty

Odeliya Probeauty is on a mission to empower and transform the beauty industry. Exclusively catering to cosmetologists across the United States, our commitment to excellence is reflected in a curated selection of top-tier hair care products and advanced tools. Collaborations with ProAddiction USA, Solika, and 11Pink showcase our dedication to quality and diversity. Our mission goes beyond transactions; it's about shaping success stories. Every purchase is a step toward mastery, ensuring professionals make informed choices and deliver impeccable services. Join Odeliya Probeauty in redefining beauty standards, where support, deals, and shared passion converge to create a journey of empowerment.


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Commitment to Excellence

We uphold excellence, offering top products, service, and education. We set high standards in beauty, ensuring quality and innovation.

Diversity in Quality

Embracing diversity, we offer a wide range of quality products. We foster inclusivity and innovation in the beauty industry.

Empowering Professionals

We empowers beauty professionals with products, education, and tools for growth. We ensure success in the beauty sector.

Integrity in Partnership

We build transparent partnerships with top brands. We ensure trust, commitment to quality, and customer satisfaction in beauty.