ProAddiction USA

Innovative Formula

  • Curated without odors, formaldehyde, or toxins.
  • Powered by a blend of multiple proteins and amino acids.
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Customizable ProAddiction System

  • Tailor outcomes to each client’s unique hair aspirations.
  • Adjust straightening intensity with heat application frequency.
  • Active ingredients simultaneously heal andstraighten hair.
  • Enhance and redefine curls with precision.
  • Boost volume, gloss, and shine effortlessly.

Safety and Assurance

  • Guaranteed 100% toxin-free.
  • Poses no risk of skin, eye, or throat irritation.
  • Environmentally safe without harmful toxins.
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ProAddiction vs. Other Brands

  • No waiting period for dyeing—before or after treatment.
  • Immediate post-treatment shampooing allowed.
  • Preserves natural hair volume throughout treatment.
  • Choose to air dry or use a blow dryer.
  • Enjoy lasting results for 4-6 months, dependent on hair regrowth.

Before and After

Professional before-and-after transformations with ProAddiction USA products

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