ProAddiction Treatment Application


1 Wash hair: use clarifying shampoo (one shampoo) for virgin hair only.
Use hydrating shampoo for damaged, porous, colored, bleached, or over-processed hair.

2 Dry hair 100%.

3 Apply treatment. (Shake well)
Taking small and thin partings, apply the treatment throughout the hair. Apply ¼", 1 cm from the roots.
Which ProAddiction Treatment should I use?
Purple treatment: for all types of hair.
White Treatment: to dilute the purple treatment for levels 9 and above.
Mix white and purple - For Levels 9-12, (30% white- 70% purple)
Plastic caps:
Levels 1-8- Use a Plastic cap for the full processing time.
Levels 9-12- Use processing cap for 10 mins then remove plastic cap for the remainder of time.

4 Processing time: Thick hair 45 - 60 mins. Fine hair- 35-45 mins.

5 Rinse hair 100%.

6 Dry Hair, choose one method below:
For Straight Hair without frizz:
Use hair iron 450 degrees, 230c Iron, small and thin sections until you see static.

To reduce curls without frizz:
Use hot hair blowdryer with round ceramic brush, once completely dry, pass iron once or twice on each strand.

To keep same texture without frizz:
Use hot blowdryer with round ceramic brush until hair is fully dried, straight and hair is shiny.

7 Wash hair with Hydrating shampoo.
Please note: ***If you are applying a toner/color on the same day, apply mask after the toner/color application.

8 Towel dry hair.

9 Apply Mask for 10 minutes then rinse.

10 Dry and style hair.

Educational Material: VIDEO