What is ProAddiction Hair Treatment?

What is ProAddiction Hair Treatment?

If you’re a salon specialist considering using ProAddiction, or a customer searching for fabulous hair straightening, then you should 100% choose ProAddiction.

We know that switching from a product you already use or asking for a hair treatment that you haven’t experienced before can be daunting, so we’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked ProAddiction hair treatment questions! 

What is ProAddiction hair treatment?

ProAddiction is a unique salon-based hair straightening product and service. Unlike other hair straightening treatments, ProAddiction is toxin-free, (no stink, smell, or burn), and can be applied the same day as hair color!

Is ProAddiction permanent?

ProAddiction is a permanent treatment, however like hair color, as new hair grows the treatment will have to be reapplied on the roots and new growth! On average ProAddiction customers return for treatments every 4-6 months. 

How long does ProAddiction straight hair treatment take?

The ProAddiction service from start to finish, not including any other hair services, can take 2 hours and more depending on hair goal, length, and texture.

Which treatment is best for hair straightening permanently?

While there are many hair straightening options available to choose, Odeliya ProBeauty believes that ProAddiction is the best for hair straightening permanently. The quality of the system is outstanding, it gives incredible long-lasting results, protects and repairs the hair, and is safer to use than traditional hair straightening products. 

If you are a licensed cosmetologist you can use ProAddiction! To start, create your account and submit your ProAddiction application here.

Complimentary ProAddiction Hair Treatment product training is available after your first purchase!

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