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ProAddiction Must-Have

ProAddiction Must-Have

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The ProAddiction Must-Have Bundle, is exclusively curated for hair professionals. Crafted to enhance the ProAddiction service, this bundle equips you with the essential tools needed to deliver exceptional results to your clients.

Within this bundle, you'll find three indispensable products meticulously selected to elevate your craft:

  1. ProAddiction Purple Treatment  - Infuse your clients' hair with vital nutrients and hydration, ensuring optimal health and resilience from within. Introducing the Purple ProAddiction Treatment: The ultimate solution for vibrant, long-lasting results! Experience the magic of permanent yet customizable transformation for all hair types, from Level 1 to 8. Unlock endless possibilities for stunning, head-turning looks that last. (Size 33.8 oz.)

  2. ProAddiction White Treatment- Discover the secret to flawless blonde transformations with the White ProAddiction Treatment! Tailored specifically for hair Level 9 and above, its unique formula acts as a diluter, ensuring perfect results every time. Just mix 70% Purple Treatment with 30% White Treatment to achieve customized straightening results with stunning shades that preserve blonde brilliance. (Size 13.5 oz.)

  3. ProAddiction Hydrating Mask - Specially formulated to balance the pH levels of hair; achieve unparalleled hydration, shine, and manageability, leaving your clients' hair irresistibly smooth and nourished. (Size 16.9 oz.)

Designed by experts for professionals like you, the ProAddiction Must-Have Bundle empowers you to deliver perfect results with every service. Exceed client expectations, and set new standards of excellence with the ProAddiction System by your side.